Teaching presentation and communications skills through theatre

Confident and effective communications and presentations skills are always best learnt young – and one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways for young people to do that is through theatre. 

Panda All-Stars is a musical theatre group for youngsters from 6 upwards in the Brussels region. Using drama games, singing and performance techniques, we teach young people skills they can use their entire life. And every year we stage a public show in which everyone takes part. 

By taking part in the classes and being in our musicals, children become confident speaking in front of one another, as well as performing to a big audience. As they gain self-confidence they also gain self-esteem. 

Our classes focus on articulation, timing and vocal projection—all things that can improve public speaking skills. Acting and singing also encourage cooperative group dynamics. The young students become used to taking direction while leading, supporting and trusting others.  

Finally, children who participate in these drama classes learn effective communication skills and empathy. Understanding a character’s flaws and attributes enables students to better understand people and surroundings. 

Through character development, children learn to get in touch with their character’s feelings and thoughts. This often makes them more aware of their own thoughts and feelings and how they can communicate them effectively. 

Good public speaking, teamwork and communication skills are all extremely valuable skills to have. They help children grow into well-rounded, confident and articulate adults.  

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